Abigail Annie Oakley



- "Hi! My name is Abigail Annie Oakley, and I used to belong to Kristin's brother. After Mommy and Daddy got divorced, I was spending too much time alone. Daddy had to work out of state a lot, so now I live with my cousin's again. We're great friends!"

- "People think I act more human than animal. I love to snuggle and I used to love being wrapped in blankets like a baby when very sleepy."

- "I have a really long tongue, so sometimes - and especially when I'm tired - my tongue sticks out. Everyone thinks it's cute, but I really don't do it on purpose. They also like that my tail is so skinny. They joke all the time that my tail needs extensions. I don't know what extensions are, so I think I'll be asking Santa for some when Kristin writes my letter to Santa for me this year."



- "The picture above is my first baby picture, taken the day I was brought to my new home."

- "Whenever I want something, or am asking my human to play games with me, I toss my head back like a horse."

- "Whenever me and my cousins have a birthday, Mommy makes us ice cream. I LOVE to eat ice cream, but it is a very sticky and messy treat that likes to splash all over my face."


- "Kristin says I'm the sweetest, most adorable dog. She loves my floppy ears and thinks my eyes are as sweet and innocent as a newborn. She loves me to pieces, I think!"

- "I have a habit of resting my chin on things: on people's legs, the arm of the couch, just whatever happens to be there. My humans thinks it's cute because I even do this while I'm standing up. One day Kristin will post a picture of it so that you can better understand what I mean."

- "My favorite thing in the world is to play outside in the garden. I especially love helping with pulling up weeds, and the BESTEST game ever is when Kristin grabs a handful of grass and then tosses it in the air for me to catch. I'm an excellent grass catcher. We don't get snow here, so instead of snowflakes I catch grass on my tongue. It's fun!"


- "People can't stop kissing me like I'm a newborn baby. I don't know what it is, but they just can't help kissing my head. This is fine with me though, because I love kisses too!"

- "Izzy and I love to wrestle, but Maddie likes to keep us in line. When she thinks we're playing too hard, she'll boss us around by growling and standing between us. Sometimes Izzy and I just ignore her and keep playing."


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