Friday, May 10, 2013

♪ We love Riding in the Car! ♬

an adventure

Abby again! I just wanted to say that I forgave Kristin for paying attention to her favorite tv show over me. I forgive her because yesterday we went on another adventure!

We all had to be away from the house yesterday for 3 hours, so during that time we ran a few errands. We've never ridden in the car for that long before... well, together anyway... and Mom and Kristin said that we were very good.

Even though Izzy was a little bossy and getting on everyone's nerves. She just wouldn't calm down.

Oh! We also got to go to McDonald's again. It was too early to order a Junior Cheeseburger or Happy Meal, so this time we got an egg, cheese and bacon biscuit. I'd never had one before. Just like Kristin, I don't really like the egg but I love everything else about it! It was sooo goood! All of us enjoyed it.

Except for Wendy Kitty. The cat didn't care to even try. She just wanted to sit in Kristin's lap and look out the window at cars and people.

After we ate breakfast and ran errands like getting more dog food, we went to the back of the neighborhood to the Splash Pad. Wendy Kitty had to be in her crate, so we just sat down at a picnic table and walked nearby.

And that was when I found that big stick to play with! Kristin and Mom say it isn't really a stick, but a tree branch.

I love tree branches the best!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Once Upon An Ignored Dog


A new episode of Kristin's favorite television show, Once Upon A Time, comes on tonight so while she's watching it I'll be looking like I do in the picture above.

Don't you think I look very sad?

Sunday nights aren't fair. I'm a lot cuter than that pirate Kristin likes on there so much. I hope that tonight The Crocodile eats him once and for all!