Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rub-a-dub-dub a little dog in the tub


Did you know that if you dig a hole in the yard you'll have to have a bath afterwards?

Well I didn't know that, but I do now. Kristin got bored, watching me playing with a new stick, so she sat and filmed the bluebirds feeding their babies. After just 5 minutes of that, she thought I was being awfully quiet so she turned around to check on me.

That was when she saw what I was up to. We got some rain last night, so some of the ground was still muddy so technically it isn't my fault that my feet and legs and chest and tummy and mouth got so dirty.

Kristin wasn't mad. She just said my name a lot. She also laughed, and I smiled and wagged my tail when she showed Mom what I had been doing, but once Kristin put me in the tub I wasn't smiling anymore. I was scared and not happy, but thank goodness my bath was over in just a couple minutes and once we were back downstairs I begged to go outside again.

I acted cute and everything, but it didn't work. Kristin didn't think a wet dog and the outdoors a good combination, so she made me wait a while before going back out.


We did go back out once I was dry, but I didn't get to have as much fun like I wanted because she wouldn't let me go near the mud hole I'd just dug up at all.

Scary bath aside, it was still a good day! And just so everyone knows.... that hole would have been a lot more impressive if Kristin had just let me finish all my fun, hard work. Maybe next time she'll let me.


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