Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's go on an Adventure!


This is me typing. Izzy. It's me typing, but my sisters are looking over my shoulder and helping. They say they're being helpful, but I think they're just being nosey. They're afraid I'll tattle on them about something. I really am an excellent tattler!

Our house has been on the market for a week, so I think Kristin and Mommy are really tired. They have to keep the house clean, and when people come to see the house we all have to leave for an adventure.

Which we LOVE because when someone comes over we get to go walking, and most times we even get a cheeseburger from McDonald's.

Even though Kristin was tired and all, she still took a lot of photos and video of our car and walking adventures. Unfortunately, we've only had 3 adventures total. Kristin says it's because their real estate agent is a four-lettered word, but that's all I know about that. She won't tell me which word she's talking about, but I don't think it's a good one.

But we had two showings of the house that first day, so that meant we got to have two adventures and we got to share two cheeseburgers! We furkids wish our house was on the market more often, because that day was so much fun!

Wendy the cat isn't amused though. She doesn't like riding in the car, but on that second day she did really well. On that first day it was actually cold for a change, so Wendy had to stay in the car while we went walking nearby. (While inside the car, Abby kept checking on Wendy, to make sure she was okay. Abby was worried about the cat because she kept meowing).

But that second night Wendy Kitty got to sit outside with us, in her crate, and she didn't cry once. She watched some kids playing on the playground.

I sat in Mommy's lap a lot (I'm also an excellent lap dog), Maddie just found a comfy spot and soaked in the surroundings like she always does, and Abby was really excited. She couldn't keep still and kept eating every leaf she saw. Abby loves being outside.

Oh! My family thinks this is funny, so I think I'll share it here on my blog. I've never had a blog before, so I guess this is okay. When we were outside near the neighborhood's pool, because that person was looking at our house, at one point Kristin took Maddie walking for a bit. When they headed back to where the rest of the family was, Maddie saw a little dog. In an instant she started barking and barking and barking at that dog, and she quickened her pace to reach it sooner and it was barking right back at her. When Maddie finally got there, everyone was laughing because guess what!!!! The dog Maddie was barking so mean at was just me. It wasn't a strange dog at all, but me... her own little sister!

I think she felt a little silly when she realized that, but it made our family laugh. Maddie likes it when her humans are happy, so she decided that her mistake was a good thing. She told me that she might even do it again sometime.


And guess what else! I was so excited at the drive-thru, that I winked at the camera. (Maddie taught me that).






This is me, after we got home. Aren't I cute and fluffy? Kristin says I'm cute for a reason, but I really don't know what that means.



The night before our first adventure, we had some scary weather! I like to boss around the thunder, and even hurricanes, but Maddie doesn't like thunder so she wasn't happy at all. (Abby didn't care one way or the other. She has no opinions on thunderstorms). It was lightning for hours and hours and hours, and then really late that night is rained so hard and so loud.

Here are some videos of it that we found of the storm, although at our house it happened at night-time... which made it so much scarier for my big sister.


Well, Kristin says I have to stop talking now. Even though I'm little, my paws are a little too big for this keyboard so Kristin has been helping me type all this time.


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