Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let Your Dogs Do Whatever They Want



This is Izzy again, and I decided that me and my sisters should speak our minds about some things. Blogs are good for that kind of thing. I'll go first.


1). Mommy doesn't always let me go out to the front yard with her, and when she goes out the garage door I get so excited at the thought of riding in the car and going to McDonald's for a cheeseburger. The sad thing is that we don't go to McDonald's every day. I want to to go through the McDonald's drive thru everyday, but Mommy says that wouldn't be healthy.

Whatever that is.

She says it's for my own good, but I can't see the harm in being happy eating a cheeseburger every day. Mommy drinks coffee every day, and that makes her happy, so how come coffee is okay but not a cheeseburger?

Humans sure think some strange things.

Well, that's my only grievance. The next one will be from Abby.


2). Hi! I'm Abby. Izzy said there isn't much use to having a blog without speaking your mind about important doggy issues, so here I go.

Kristin won't let me hunt down lizards when I see one in the backyard. All week I've been seeing them, and all week Kristin says "No, Abby! No!"

I just ignore her, so she always ends up carrying me back inside the house. We only stay for a few minutes, because she thinks going inside for a little bit will distract me from my hunt, but that's just silly because even now - after a full night's sleep - I'm STILL thinking about those lizards.

Kristin says I'm too sweet and cuddly to be a lizard killer. Usually, I would agree with her but hunting is just in my nature. (That's what Maddie told me).

Okay, I guess that's it. Maddie will write her grievance next. Bye!

PS - This post was all Izzy's idea, and I still love you Kristin.


3). Hello to my readers! Like Abby said, this is me typing now. Maddie Kate, that is. I'm the eldest furkid.

Well, I don't have any grievances except to say that I don't trust the cat. (This entire post was Izzy's idea). That's all. I love you!


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  1. Hi Abby, Izzy, Maddie Kate,
    You guys are Sooooo pretty with your beautiful long flowing hair. My hair is super short ...that's why I hide in the pony's tail . hee hee
    Woof at ya soon
    Gabby Farm Dog


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